High blood pressure affects more than forty million people in the world and is life-threatening.For every three Americans, one suffers from this condition, and not many people are aware of this except when they feel dizzy, have a headache or occasional nose bleed.So dangerous is high blood pressure that it can lead to heart attacks, strokes and damage to critical organs which may lead to the person dying or getting paralyzed. 

Herbal treatments and natural supplements are available in plenty in the natural environment can be used alongside the drugs and medications offered by doctors in hospitals.Scientific research has proven that herbs and natural supplements are effective in maintaining healthy blood pressure.

Explained below are some of the useful natural herbs and supplements used in treating the high blood pressure. 

Garlic is a common natural herb and is excellent for maintaining healthy high pressure.It aids blood to flow freely through the blood vessels.It is also a diuretic, and so it strengthens the heart.It is also a useful antibacterial.Therefore it is recommended to be taken daily, and blood pressure is checked with time. Learn how to Maintain normal blood pressure here! 

Turmeric is another herb common in most Indian curries.It contains curcumin which has anti-oxidating and inflammatory properties.It improves the blood circulation by reducing the blood cholesterol in the blood.It helps to prevent the formation of clots and to strengthen the blood vessels.It also assists in improving the metabolism in the body.Therefore, using turmeric is beneficial to maintaining good high blood pressure levels. 

Ginger root is a common herb in Asian recipes.Blood circulation and muscle relaxation are improved with the use of the herb.It helps a lot in digestion and assuages nausea and other restlessness related conditions.Therefore, ginger is an important herb in the treatment of hypertension. 

Ginko Biloba is a herb that helps arteries dilate and improves the circulation of blood which in turn lower high blood pressure.It assists in improving blood circulation in the brain which goes a long way in improving memory retention. 

Hawthorn berry also referred to as Mayflower is helpful in opening the arteries and improving the blood circulation.The muscles of the heart are strengthened, and the hardening of the artery walls is reduced which makes blood flow more efficient which keeps the blood pressure under control. 

Olive leaf which is widely found in the Mediterranean region helps to regularize the heartbeat and lowers the high blood pressure. Maitake is a mushroom mostly found in

China and has unique properties to reduce cholesterol levels and control the high pressure. 


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